Pleasure Party

Wild Bloom Founder and Sex and Relationship Coach, Danielle Aubry Smith, is here to hold space for you to reclaim your pleasure, experience liberation in your body and own your desires in an empowered, healthy way.

Opening to pleasure goes beyond the bedroom. Yet it can be harnessed through a regular pleasure practice and with other tools that create safety and opening in the body.

Reconnect with your creative energy, activate more abundance and prosperity in your life and create more space within the physical body to experience pleasure, connection and confidence.

Wild Bloom Pleasure Parties are safe spaces to explore topics and practices that may have traditionally been taboo, in a fun, light and playful setting.

Danielle is passionate about curating experiences that allow you to feel seen, loved and cared for, while facilitating profound transformation and healing.

Join us for our quarterly Pleasure Party! With every ticket purchase, you’ll receive a Wild Bloom Pleasure Oil ($42.95 value) to take home and begin incorporating into your self pleasure rituals.


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