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Wild Feminine Hike

may 24, 2022


- free admission -

As our Wild Feminine community continues to expand, we wanted to create a second monthly meet up that allows you to deepen your connections with the wild feminine community!
This event is intended for women.
Each month, we will meet up on a Tuesday morning at 8am to enjoy a hike together. This is a space to connect, network and inspire each other, while deepening our connections outside of the monthly circle.
We believe there is so much magic unfolding in this community and we want to continue to create spaces where we can all share ideas, learn more about each other, birth collaborations, new friendships, etc.
Join us for our first one on May 24th, at 8am, at Twin Falls.

The Dope Connection

June 7, 2022

6:30 - 8:30pm

- free admission -

A new kind of networking event for purpose driven business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders and creatives. Enjoy meaningful conversation, explore collaborative opportunities, share resources and support one another! We’re bringing together dope people to build community, create dope connections and support each other’s visions. And yes, we will have cannabis infused, delta-8 + CBD mocktails for you to enjoy while you connect! It is the dope connection after all! 😉

Wild Feminine Women's Circle

June 21, 2022

6:30 - 8:30pm

- suggested donation $5-15 -

A space to be fully you.
More than anything, we long to be seen, heard and loved just as we are. We desire safe spaces for authentic connection where we can show up fully as ourselves and be met by our community with unconditional acceptance.
This is the space we are devoted to cultivating within our Wild Feminine monthly women’s circle.
This is a gathering for women identifying souls to come together, share, connect with other women and receive tools and support to serve you on your healing path.
Rooted in feminine energetics, we allow for this space to feel open, free and fluid. This is a non-judgmental and non-goal oriented space. Come as you are, participate as much or as little as you feel called to and allow yourself to honor what is authentically present for you, within community.
Each month, we curate our circle based on the energetic themes that are present. We offer guided practices to support your healing and integration, while holding intentional space for you to come home to yourself and let go in the essence of the Divine Feminine.
Our intention is for you to leave feeling a deep sense of connection with yourself, your body, your heart and your community.
In our modern society, we’ve lost touch of the healing that takes place when women commune in sacred circle to support, empower, inspire and love on one another. At Wild Bloom, we’re bringing this monthly ritual back and we would love to host you for our next gathering.
What to bring:
* Journal & pen
* Cushion, blanket or mat
* Wear comfortable clothes

Meditation for Discovery and Self-Growth

June 28, 2022

6:30 - 7:35pm

- $22 admission -

Join Carrie Moss of Carrie Moss World and Mood by Moss for a 45 min guided meditation experience where she will lead you to go within. In this space, Carrie will support you in calming the nervous system and practicing connection with Self so that you can better handle life’s challenges. Carrie describes her mediation style as calming and dynamic all at the same time. She’ll move you out of fight or flight mode and into rest and receive then together, you will take a journey within and use the mind to access your Highest Self (aka. Intuition, inner wisdom). Here, there is always message for you. If you’ve been thinking about starting a meditation practice but you are hesitant because you think there is no way you can quiet your mind, this is for you! There is no right or wrong way to experience these meditations. Carrie holds the space for the experience that is meant for you.

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