event rental
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host your next event, gathering, photoshoot, or podcast in our beautiful space.

Host your event at Wild Bloom!

If you are a conscious creator, healer, facilitator or organization looking for an intentional space to host your next event, we would love to hear from you.

A huge aspect of the Wild Bloom vision is community and connection. We love to bring people together for events rooted in healing, personal growth, education and spiritual development. Work with us to launch your event or handle the details on your own. Choose which option serves you best!

Work with us to offer your event:

how it works:

- You pay a $50 flat fee for a 2 hour event
- We help market you through our various platforms and sell tickets through our ticket processor
- You take home 60% of ticket sales and are promoted within our community

Rent the space and handle promotion, set up and take down on your own

how it works:

- 2 hour event rate is $250
- You rent our space for 2 hours (includes set up and take down).
- Any additional time required for set up/take down is added to the rental fee
- You sell your own tickets and receive 100% of ticket sales

No matter which option you choose, we take 3 minutes at the beginning of each event to share about the Wild Bloom vision.

**Wild Bloom reserves the right to deny events that are not aligned with our vision and values.

Are you a creative looking for a space to produce?

In addition to events, we offer space rentals for podcasts, video production, photoshoots and live trainings/immersions.

If you’re interested in booking the space for production, trainings or immersions, email us and tell us more about your project!