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Danielle Aubrey Smith

specializing in

women's embodiment

I have always been a person that loves to hold space for others. Asking intuitive questions, seeking understanding, and loving people right where they’re at. I believe one of the most important things about being human is being truly seen and loved. I love to create an environment for others to show up 100% as they are. Fully and authentically. I have found that when you feel safe to be yourself that is where the true healing begins. Love always makes away. It’s vitally important for us to release stored energy in our bodies. I believe forgiveness is a big part of us allowing for deep healing. Whether that is chronic pain, disease, emotional pain or trauma. In my coaching practice my desire is to create a safe place, allowing spirit to guide me, intuitively asking questions to find the root cause of whatever may be manifesting on the surface. I specialize in feminine embodiment, inner child work, self-love and self forgiveness practices, relationship guidance and sacred sexuality. I coach people to find freedom within their very essence by reclaiming their power. My goal is always to guide you back home to yourself and ultimately finding the light within.

Joy Smith

specializing in

sound healing & activation

From the time she was a young child growing up on the Northside (Cubs fan) of Chicago, Joy has always sought opportunities to support the healing of the people and communities around her. She married young and while raising four children, spent her free time forming women’s support groups and coaching young leaders. Today, Joy is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of a CBD company and a Sound and Reiki Practitioner in Fort Collins, Colorado. She loves spending time outdoors, reading, and with her family. She is passionate about holistic wellness, giving back to her community, and empowering people locally and globally.

Elizabeth Rose

specializing in

soul aligned living

As a sacred space holder and transformational mentor, I am here to hold my clients through their greatest metamorphosis, into the embodied expression of their soul. Beyond the conditioned self, who are you? What do you desire to experience? What do you dream of creating? I love to facilitate safe, expansive spaces for you to access your magic, discover your gifts, strengthen your intuition, activate your wisdom and explore how your SOUL desires to be expressed in the physical world. I believe a truly fulfilling, abundant life is a result of living in integrity with who you are on a soul level. Your liberated, authentic expression is the medicine your heart and our world is craving at this time. It is my greatest passion and pleasure to hold you as you shed what isn’t you and reconnect, remember and re-align with the highest possible timeline for your life.


specializing in

breathwork and somatic work

Agnete holds a safe and trauma-informed space to point the way into your own unique truth. She facilitates deep breathwork and sound healing journeys as well as somatic breath therapy and Kambo sessions. She has over a decade of experience with breathwork and somatic work. Agnete believes that deep down, you always know what is best for you and she is here to guide your journey in discovering how to access this inner-knowing. She holds this in a container of radical acceptance and unconditional love. Her passion is to empower. She will guide you to step into your power and full potential in this lifetime in a way that is in alignment with YOUR truth. Agnete was born a seeker of truth and through her own healing journey has gathered tools, insights, and techniques that she now shares in a supportive and highly intuitive way.

Agnete has over ten years of experience holding space for healing in private and group settings and is certified in PRYT somatic therapy, IAKP Kambo practice, Reiki mastership, 200 RYT, and Prison Yoga.

She looks forward to connecting with you! To set up a free phone consultation or session please text her at 619-957-2671

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