a 5 week coaching program for Women

every part of you belongs.

it’s time to come home to yourself.
reclaim the power within your own femininity.
its time to let your own unique flag wave and be free.

5 topics in 5 weeks

In this program, you will have the opportunity to go not only learn the practices, but practice and embody them as an integrated part of your daily life.


come home to yourself, by silencing all the outside noises and turn inwards


the importance of moving energy through and allowing it to be released. connecting to your body through dance, yoga

self pleasure

connecting with you self sensually/sexuality is vital for deep loving connection. erotic blu print, vibrators, lube.

feminine embodiment

how to live as your highest self (the greater version of yourself meditation), journaling prompt


bring your focus to your breathe, expanding and deepening in your presence and healing.

your coach


I have always been a person that loves to hold space for others. Asking intuitive questions, seeking understanding, and loving people right where they’re at. I believe one of the most important things about being human is being truly seen and loved. I love to create an environment for others to show up 100% as they are. Fully and authentically. I have found that when you feel safe to be yourself that is where the true healing begins. Love always makes away. It’s vitally important for us to release stored energy in our bodies. I believe forgiveness is a big part of us allowing for deep healing. Whether that is chronic pain, disease, emotional pain or trauma. In my coaching practice my desire is to create a safe place, allowing spirit to guide me, intuitively asking questions to find the root cause of whatever may be manifesting on the surface. I specialize in feminine embodiment, inner child work, self-love and self forgiveness practices, relationship guidance and sacred sexuality. I coach people to find freedom within their very essence by reclaiming their power. My goal is always to guide you back home to yourself and ultimately finding the light within.

each week

we will gather together as a group to connect, expand, and heal.

we will...

∴ Be introduced to the week's theme
∴ Take on grounding or meditation practices
∴ Come together for a Live Q&A Group Call
∴ Experience completion and gratitude
∴ Dive into deepening self work

healing the masculine

bonus session

with Rahul sangave

a session to explore your wounds, experience your edges, and heal the parts you're holding on men.

applications currently closed

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your heart is waiting and your body is asking you.

remove the cage.
its time to set yourself free by coming back
to your hearts longing and desires.
being present with her.
learning the ways that make her who she is.



all of you is welcome here.