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Located in Austin Texas we are your trusted CBD and THC shop. We put our heart into each product featured at Wild Bloom, intentionally curating organic cannabis products to meet your personal needs and desires.

Enjoy free shipping and local deliveries to make receiving the products you want, easier than ever.

the healing power of cannabis

delta 9 Gummies

A booze-free buzz
Vegan & gluten free THC edibles

  • Organic ingredients
  • 5 MG of THC per serving
  • Skip your evening cocktail and get lightly toasted with Wild Bloom’s full spectrum gummies.

They’re specially formulated for enhanced relaxation and bliss, with 25mg of hemp-derived cannabinoids, and 5mg of Delta-9 THC gummies.

CBD Pleasure Oil

Enjoy the natural glide of our allergen friendly pleasure oil enhanced by the soothing power of kava and full-spectrum CBD. This Plant Based oil is a beautiful addition to your intimate life.